Bluesmart Android App Issues

You might have read our post about our Bluesmart bags arriving. In that post I mentioned that there are some issues with the Android app. Have you run into the same problem? Well I have some workarounds for you.

The 2 main issues I've found so far:

Problem 1

After starting the app and creating an account, it will find my check bag but will not allow me to select it to connect.

Solution 1

To get it to connect I have to then uninstall the app, install it, sign in and then scan for my bag. It seems a reinstall of the app is needed to make this work at first.

Problem 2

After problem 1, and while the phones Bluetooth is on, it all works ok. But if I turn Bluetooth off (when I'm not using the bag), then turn it back on a few hours later, it does not reconnect to the bag. The app thinks it's connected but I can't unlock it or do anything with my bag and because the app is constantly running I can't clear it to start it up again (hoping it would reconnect).

Solution 2

I have found only 1 way to get it to reconnect..... and that is to go into my phone settings, go to Apps, click on Bluesmart and press "Force Stop". Then I can start it up and it will connect.

I am hoping they will fix these issues, especially number 2 as it's a major flaw!

- John

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