Bluesmart Luggage Has Arrived

You might have read our post about our Bluesmart bags getting shipped. Now we have them!

We ordered 2 check bags - a blue one and black one. They come nicely packaged and a nice welcome when you open the box:


Then after you get inside there is a welcome card too:

But what are they really like in person you ask? We'll let our pictures do the talking...

They seem really well thought out and well built. They are very easy to push or pull along. There are quite a number of different areas to pack things which is nice. It has 2 keys so that we can manually lock/unlock if we need to so that's good.

It comes with a charger to charge the bag but it should be able to charge some other devices. Especially useful for travelling around the world since it has the adapters. And there is a smaller bag which you can see pictured too which seems useful for me to put a pair of shoes or dirty laundry in.

Apart from that there's not much for us to review at this point. We haven't travelled with them yet but in a couple of weeks time we are travelling to WA, Australia. We are taking one of them along (only booked for 1 bag) so we'll post a review when we get back.

We did have a couple of issues setting them up with the app and with the app in general but we've made a separate post about that.

Overall we are quite happy with them, yes, even the very blue moon colour! In our opinion they are worth it, considering we could have bought standard luggage for the same price. But, with the airlines new restrictions on smartbags and having to take the battery out, it kinda makes the smarts of the bag useless when flying. We are hopeful that Bluesmart will manage to get their bags cleared by the IATA (International Air Transport Association). I received further information via email from them so I'm a little more hopeful, although I'm not clinging to it... You can read about it in this post.

- John

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