Locking a Bluesmart ‘Check’ Bag without a battery

Recently we took a domestic trip and brought one of our Bluesmart check bags with us. To do this we had to take the battery out. With the battery out, it poses a problem - we can't lock it with our app!

Have you taken your Bluesmart check battery out and found that you can't lock your bag because the key only unlocks it? Don't stress, there is a way to lock your bag so that you can still travel safely.

While it's true the key won't lock the bag, here is how you can have a locked bag:


  1. Open your suitcase with the battery still connected.
  2. Lock your bag with your app and kill the app if you have to.
  3. Turn the battery off and take it out.
  4. When you have finished packing, zip up the bag and put the zips into the lock.
  5. Your bag will stay locked and the only way to unlock it is with your key.

Remember to keep your keys outside of the bag otherwise you'll be stuffed! And now you can travel safely with a locked bag. Enjoy 🙂

- John

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