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If you need a new phone it sometimes takes a while to find what you want at a reasonable price. You might find a cheap phone on Android Enjoyed as many people do.
Before reading our review of buying from them here is a summary:
Buy from them if you want a cheap phone and can wait for it to be delivered weeks after you order and without much communication.

The reason I purchased 5 Sony Xperia XZs phones (review of these soon) from them was because they were cheaper than elsewhere and I needed these phones fairly quickly for a few different reasons.
I made 3 orders at the same time because of different postage locations and needs for my family. My first order got sent immediately which was great because my mum lost her phone in the ocean! It was also great because I paid for the fastest shipping - only problem is it arrived set in Chinese language...easy fix though.

2 weeks later, after trying to contact them numerous times and ways (phone & email), I eventually find out that my other 2 orders hadn't been sent yet - they didn't even have the phones! A few days later my second order of 2 phones was sent....finally!

Among all of this, the price for my phones dropped a fair bit and even after asking for a refund of the difference I was pointed to their terms and conditions of sale - fair point but not good customer relations considering the situation.

A few days later again half of my third order was shipped, meaning only 1 of 2 phones....A couple of days after that they tell me that the 5th phone won't be shipped for 1-2 weeks!

A month after my initial order my sister still hadn't receive the 5th phone. The other 4 are working very nicely and my family loves them (review soon). I still got no offer for compensation even with the considerable wait and the fact the phone prices have dropped over $60 per phone.

2 months after the initial order and still no 5th phone. I'm now told it will be shipping in 1-2 weeks again! This is in despite of the fact of their advertised shipping times. Why say "Leaves warehouse in 3 – 7 days" when they clearly have stock issues? I wouldn't have purchased all my phones 2 months ago if I knew they didn't have stock.

Only other thing I can say is that at least I have had some slow contact via email and finally after much pushing an offer of only $10 refund. Does that sound fair enough to you?

What do you think? Is it worth it buying a phone or anything else from them? Feel free to share your comments.
 - John

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