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A few months back I blogged about some smart luggage made by none other than Bluesmart.

Yes the world of smart luggage is well and truly here - but now it's getting even more exciting! Why? We'll tell you in a second but first, just a reminder of what they have made.

As I mentioned in my previous postBluesmart have released their Series 2 ecosystem - A cabin bag, check bag, laptop bag and passport pouch.

Here at Mutley Mode we are eagerly waiting for our Bluesmart check bags!!! In a month or so we should receive them since they are now shipping! We ordered a blue one and black one. In late Feb we are travelling to Perth, Australia, so they should arrive just in time for that trip. We'll be sure to review them once we get them and use them. But hey, enough about us - check out their shipping graph:

Are you thinking about buying one? Well unfortunately they've completely sold out of Series 2....that's 18,000 units sold! If you didn't manage to pre-order your Series 2 yet, don't worry. Enter your email address on the page of the Series 2 product you'd like to pre-order and they'll make sure you're the first to know when it's back in stock.

Click here to pre-order

- John

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