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Why do we put up with the same old luggage we've had for years? Usually it's just because we don't see the value in buying new bags. Why does it have to be like that though? It doesn't! Smarten up your luggage with Bluesmart!

Yes the world of smart luggage is here. Well actually it's been here for a couple of years....but now it's getting even more exciting!

Bluesmart have released their Series 2 ecosystem - A cabin bag, check bag, laptop bag and passport pouch.

Here at Mutley Mode we are totally beaming/siked just waiting for our Bluesmart check bags!!! We ordered a blue one and black one so we'll be sure to review them once we get them.

There are many reasons why these bags are great, and yes we acknowledge that there are other smart bags out there, but in our opinion none as cool as these. Apart from the many cool tech features like GPS+3G tracking, auto locking, device charger (cabin model) and built in scales (check model) there are many practical reasons these are great.

What is so practical? The 360° hubless wheels make for a smooth and easier to roll bag, the zips are double coiled and so are pen-proof protecting against attempted break-ins , there are double compression straps inside to help you fit more in, the outside is made form high-grade materials to ensure your gear is protected and it is water resistant!

Put all these things together in 1 bag it's great, but having a travel ecosystem is even better! The laptop bag and passport pouch are great companions to the bags if you need them. We don't use laptops - we have Surface devices which slip nicely into a thin case so I won't write about them much because we aren't ordering them but you can read more info on Bluesmart's webpages. Hint - they also have tracking!

We actually would have ordered a cabin bag because it has the charger but here in Australia carry on weight is limited to 7kg. With the cabin bag weighing 4.1kg, it doesn't leave much room for packing stuff. In saying that though, you could always get it and check it in, use it for road trips or train trips. These bags aren't exactly cheap so we just couldn't commit to buying a cabin because of the weight.

So needless to say, smart luggage is here to stay and Bluesmart are on the right path, leading the way. We'd just like a more lightweight carry-on that can still charge - hopefully they bring that out with series 3! We can't wait to get our bags and start using them! If they deliver when they say they will - Sept to Nov, then we'll get to use them for our trip to Perth in late Feb - yay! Can't wait to track it!

Are you interested? There are only 21 days left to back it and get the discounts - Hurry though, because availability is limited!

- John

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