Life – How to get a White Card in Australia for $39!

Need to get a General Construction Induction Card, commonly referred to as a white card?

Follow these instructions to get one for only $39!

Note that you will need to:

  • Complete it with someone with you as an observer.
  • Create a USI if you don't have one (steps included below).
  • Have a certified copy of your drivers licence (easiest thing)

Instructions For Attaining A White Card Online

  1. Search “white card Australia” in Google or Bing.
  2. Click on the ad related to this website (Express online training)
  3. Do not go directly to the website as you will pay more.
  4. Under “$39 (was $59) - Pay When You Pass” press “Start Course Now For Free.”
  5. Create your own account. (Email Address & Password etc)
  6. Follow the onscreen instructions.
  7. Online Assessment. Answer all 106 questions with at least 1 other person to act as a witness/observer​.
  8. Follow ​the ​link to Apply for a USI # (Unique Student Identifier)
  9. Website to create a USI is:
  10. Select “I am an Australian student” and “Australian Drivers Licence”​.
  11. Follow all other steps to create your USI.
  12. Enter it into the EOT website and press Verify.
  13. Finish all other steps on the EOT website.
  14. Complete phone assessment. Answer the two questions.
  15. Print Statutory Declaration Form that is created for you, complete, scan and submit.
  16. Scan and submit certified copy of your identification (Drivers Licence).
  17. Make payment.

More Notes

  • Some things may be out of order.
  • You will receive multiple emails throughout this process, keeping you informed as to what documentation has been approved.
  • You will receive a final email congratulating you on completing the white card course. You will receive a white card number along with a “Statement of Attainment” or a certificate.
  • Print your certificate if you wish. You will receive a white card in the mail.

 - John

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