Windows 10 Fall Creators Update – Pen

I recently installed the new Fall Creators Update for my Surface Pro 3 and Dani's Surface 3 because I like to keep up-to-date and use new features, but what did I find as a new "feature". Well, my Surface Pen was mostly useless!

Most of us would be used to using our pen to highlight and select text as well as many other manipulations of objects, and the new update seemed to eliminate one of these most useful features of the pen - selecting text.

For some reason, Microsoft totally changed the behavior of the “Windows Ink” enabled pens in scroll-able pages and lists. No longer does pressing & dragging allow you to manipulate selections or objects like you would expect. Now that action will scroll or pan. It was essentially useless for highlighting in text related programs.

That was until I found out one thing. If you press the side button on the pen (discovered on my own--no thanks to anything from MS), then I can select text like before! For Surface Pro 3 of Surface 3 pen users - it's the right click button. For Surface Pro 4 users it's the only side button you have which is disguised in the flat bit of the pen.

It's kind of annoying to have to press the button but...I have grown to like scrolling with the pen, especially since it helps my screen stay cleaner, so I'm willing to put up with it. It would have been nice to know about all this stuff before updating though. It would be even nicer to have an option go back to the old pen settings though.

You know what they could do, is to have the option to click a button to change the mode.

  1. Click to enable highlighting.
  2. Click and to disable highlighting.

That way we could alternate between the modes while using the pen.

What do you think? Was it a good move by Microsoft?

 - John

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